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name: tupac [AFRIC]
text: albums
name: eminem [AFRIC]
text: praise jesus
name: Mariah carey [AFRIC]
text: Angels cry
name: Akon [AFRIC]
text: Fridom
name: Ariena gradar [AFRIC]
text: Love you
name: Govozile [AFRIC]
text: Waxoshindoda
name: young thug [AFRIC]
text: Best friend
name: drake [GB]
text: Drake
name: Ariana Grande [SZ]
text: Into You
name: Little mix [BW]
text: Shout out to my ex
name: Akon [KE]
text: Beatiful
name: mayunga [TZ]
text: nice couple
name: bethusile [GB]
text: gospel
name: mark ngao [US]
text: wuon nyidho
name: pana [KE]
text: pana


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